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TELESIN Battery For GoPro Hero 10 11 1750 mAh Battery 3 Ways Fast Charger Box TF Card Storage For GoPro Hero 9 Accessories

TELESIN Battery For GoPro Hero 10 11 1750 mAh Battery 3 Ways Fast Charger Box TF Card Storage For GoPro Hero 9 Accessories

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Type: Accessories Set/Kit

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: GP-BTR-901

Compatible Action Camera Brand: GoPro

Brand Name: TELESIN

Ordinary Battery(Blue and Yellow Battery


1.Fits for gopro hero 11/10/9,could charge 3 batteries at a time,support charge original battery.
2.As storage box,holds up to 2 TF cards and 3 batteries.
3.Charger has Type-c port,2.4A high current,support fast charging,fully charges 3 batteries with 2.5 hours.
4.Can be charge with wall adapter,power bank,laptop,car charger.
5.Battery full is green light,close to full is yellow light,standby is blue light.
6.Nine layer protection,use with confidence.
7.Magnetic cover opening and closing,simple operation.
8.Silicone TF card slot,better fixation and protection
9.Silicone pads on the charger bottom for more slip resistance.
10.Fashionable,compact and lightweight,easy to carring when traveling.


1.100% perfect fit for GoPro Hero 9,Hero 10,Hero 11,No pop-ups.
2.1750mAh capactity,grater than original battery capactity.
3.4K/30FPS shooting time about 112 minutes,4K/60FPS shooting time about 72 minutes,5K/30FPS shooting time about 90 minutes.
4.Six layer protection,is the same quality as original battery.



2.Input power:5V 2.4A
3.Output power:4.4V 800mA*3
4.Fits for Gopro hero 11/10/9


4.Fits for Gopro hero 11/10/9

Package List

As your choose!
Please note:it not includes TF Card and camera!

Endurence Battery Set (White Battery

Battery introduction:


1. Ultra-long battery life, the same as the original Enduro battery, 96% longer than ordinary battery time, 4K/120 frame record 45min, 4K/60 frame record 60min, 1080P/30 frame record 100min.(Measured by Go11 installation, simulating the camera Settings in the battery life test on Gopro's official website)

2, -20° 1s can be turned on and used. Ordinary batteries cannot be turned on at 0° C

3, -20° long endurance, 4K/120 frame record 43min, 4K/60 frame record 58min, 1080P/30 frame record 82min. Ordinary batteries cannot be used at 0℃;

4, can be filled quickly, in the camera can be filled 80min fast. (Outside the camera can be matched Telesin quick charge box 80min quick fill)


Size: 40.7x33.6x13.2mm

Weight: 32.58g

Capacity: 1720mAh

Input voltage: 4.4V

Temperature: -20C-60°C

Model: GOPRO 11/10/9

Battery Lif

GPro hero 11 installed test

4K/120fps         45min

4K/60fps           60min  

1080P/30fps     101min

Pocket charging case introduction


1, Power display function: 4 lights, respectively display 30%~50%~75%~100% power;

2, Unplugged power query function: unplugged, put the battery/open cover, LED will automatically display the battery power;

3, Portable new appearance: flat, light and small, easy to carry into the pocket and outdoor bag;

4, Compatible with Telesin  9/10/11 high performance battery, Enduro battery, conventional arc 9/10/11 battery charging;

5. Three battery charging slots can be filled with three batteries at the same time;

6, Can store 2 TF cards;

7, USB-C port input, input voltage 5V/3A, charging port on the side for vertical charging;

8, Output voltage 4.4V/800~100mah;

9, Charging time: single/three at the same time ≤150mins.


Size: 115x59.5x24 .9mm

Temperature: 0°C - 40°C

Weight: 85.6g

Suitable for batteries.: GoPro 11/10/9 original battery, TELESIN blue square battery and yellow round battery.

Input: Type-C 5V/3A

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