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Fetch N Treat Interactive Toys Ball Dog Cat Toy Pet Play All For Paws

Fetch N Treat Interactive Toys Ball Dog Cat Toy Pet Play All For Paws

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Pet inserts ball, treat comes out and ball rolls out to keep them busy.

How to keep your dog, cat or pet occupied, active, healthy and happy?

Fetch’N treat is a fantastic new dog, cat or pet toy from AFP that will occupy pets left alone whilst you're busy.

Fill the Fetch N Treat with dry food or treats and see how much fun your pet will have fetching the ball back to the toy to get his reward! This toy will stimulate your pet to play even when you are not available to them. With the Fetch N Treat, let the fun begin for your pet!

By placing a Fetching ball in the opening on top, the hatch will automatically open and provides a reward for your pet. The Fetch’N Treat contains seperate compartments where treats can be tucked in. Train your pet so he/she will be able to play with the Fetch’N Treat by themselves.


  • No batteries or power required
  • Size (Cm) : L 16.0 x W 16.0 x H 20.0
  • Fetching Fun (please note the ball drop and rolls out of the machine to keep your pet's mind and body busy they don't shoot out, we have another model the HYPER FETCH that has a pre-built motor that shoots the ball out)
  • Play Ball Included (circumference 21cm) 
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