The Best Places To Buy Nail Polish Reviews 2022

Nowadays, as the nail and beauty industry has been growing rapidly, there are more and more nail supplies popping up everywhere making it more accessible and enjoyable to shop online. It’s good to have more options to choose from, but it’s also frustrating to decide whether that supply is trustworthy or not. We have listed all our favorite online supplies below; there are both pros and cons for each place, but they, in overall, provide an excellent service and offer a variety of professional brands. Let’s check them out!


Shipping: free standard shipping on order over $200

Processing & Shipping Time: 3 – 5 business days

Only ship inside the U.S.

Most unopened and unused items are allowed to return or exchange within 14 days of delivery.

ND Nail Supply carries products from SNS, OPI, NUGENESIS, and DND. The greatest thing from this company is that it offers wholesale prices without requiring you to buy in a bulk. For example, you can get an OPI matching set of one dipping powder and one regular polish at $20.99, which you can only get an OPI gel with that price at other places. That’s a steal. More than that, you also get a free gift when you spend over $100 for your order. There is a minimum $35 for an order.

The layout of ND Nail Supply’s website is clear and minimal, so it will be easy to browse around and find the items that you need. There is a live chat option; if you have any questions, you can ask them straight ahead on the website. I tried that one before and got the needed answer really fast; its representative was knowledgeable and patient enough to answer all my questions. You can guess that I had a very pleasant experience with them before. The process went smoothly and my package arrived safely.


Shipping: depends on the selected shipping speed and weight/size of the package

Accept both domestic and international shipments.

This website offers all products that you will need in order to build a nail and beauty salon, from gel polish, acrylic powder, brushes, lotion, to eyelashes, makeup tools. There are tons of different products and brands, which you might get lost if it’s the first time you visit the website. Shipping time is super-fast and secured. The price is a bit higher than DTK Nail Supply or WS Nail Supply; however, if you are planning to build a nail salon or remodel it, this all-in-one website is your best friend, instead of ordering from multiple places and get frustrating at keeping track everything.


Shipping: free standard shipping on order over $150

Processing & Shipping Time: 3-5 business days

Only ship inside the U.S

Most unopened and unused items are allowed to return or exchange within 14 days of delivery.

DTK Nail Supply focuses on dipping powder and gel polish products. It offers a variety of brands: OPI, NUGENESIS, SNS, KIARA SKY, DND, BIO SEAWEED, and GLAM & GLITS. I bet you could not find these items anywhere cheaper than the price DTK Nail Supply offers. They offer the wholesale price even when you just buy couple items. This company also offers buying in bulk; the more you buy, the more you save. They constantly have wonderful promotions going on for each brand. For now, they are offering SNS dipping powder for $12.99 each; if you buy 36 colors or more, you will receive 3 mood-change colors. You can get an OPI matching set of one GelColor and one regular polish with $16 while you only get a GelColor at that price from other sites. Don’t worry! Their products are authentic, and they are listed as one of SNS distributors.

Besides that, it does not require any professional licenses in order to purchase their products. If your order is over $100, you’re also qualified for a free gift. This company is based in San Jose, California, and the warehouse is also open to local customers. For those lucky Californian people, you are welcome to come to the warehouse and browse around. If you love color nail polishes like me, this is like a heaven to you; you will be surrounded by tons of colors, so make sure you give yourself sometimes to get through all of them. As a frequent nail-polish shopper, we all know that it is difficult to choose a right color online. DTK Nail Supply’s website offers an online color chart, where it shows us how the color looks like on a model’s hand.


Shipping: free standard shipping on domestic order over $100.

Accept both domestic and international shipments.

Most unopened and unused items are allowed to return or exchange within 30 days of purchase. Please keep in mind that you have to fill out an RMA request form, prior shipping the items back, in order to receive a refund.

This is a wholesale supply, which the name literally states that fact; there are tons and tons of products from various brands. The price is considerably low compared to other sites. China Glaze Nail Polish Lacquer is around $6.25 each, OPI GelColor is $16.99 each, and CND Shellac is $13.95 each. On top of that, they frequently promote monthly deals, clearance sales, and BOGO Deals. The website is, frankly, pretty boring to stay long, and you certainly need a while to get used to it since there are many categories to get through.


Shipping: free standard 2-day shipping on any $25 purchases to the contiguous states.

Most unopened and unused items are allowed to return for refund or exchange within 30 days of delivery.

Sally Beauty has been in the professional nail and beauty market since 1964. Since then, the company has sold and distributed over 4,000 stores throughout the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Spain, Mexico, Chile, Puerto Rico, Ireland, and Germany. You can also get your beauty products while shopping for your nail polishes. Sally Beauty Supply offers more than 6,000 products for nails, skin, and hair through professional lines such as Essie, CHI, Gelish, L’Oreal, Wella, and Conair as well as other popular brands. It’s not like a wholesale, so the price is a bit higher compared to other supplies listed on this blog.

However, they have B1G1 50% off or B2G1 most of the time; you actually save quite a lot with that. The website’s layout is colorful and catchy, so it easily gets customers’ attention; plus, it is super easy and quick to navigate and find the items that you need. The shipping is a bonus point; it’s fast and secured. If you like me, waiting for your items to arrive is a nightmare. Sally Beauty Supply is flexible with its return and exchange policy, so if you happen not like your purchase, you can ship it back or return it to your nearest Sally Beauty’s store.


Shipping: free standard shipping on orders over $19 to Canada and orders over $60 to the United States.

Most unopened and unused items are allowed to return for refund or exchange within 30 days of purchase.

Nail Polish Canada Supply does carry a variety of professional brands including nail polishes, nail arts, treatments, and tools. The price is quite pricey, but they offer free shipping at such a low price as well as collecting points to get a free polish. The process from ordering to receiving your package only takes approximately one week. This supply is a great option for all of you living in Canada.


Shipping: free 2-day shipping if you’re a prime member or depending on the third-party seller’s shipping policy.

Amazon is really flexible for return and exchange, but if you buy from the third-party sellers, they will have a different policy.

Nowadays, you can find and buy pretty much anything on Amazon. This site is absolutely trustworthy, and the customer service is incredibly helpful. I had a pleasant experience using the live chat to contact them, and the problem was solved immediately. Amazon is a good option if you want to find the past season collections or even some discontinued items.

Here you go! A list of 7 outstanding places to purchase nail products. Hopefully, this list gives you a brief summary of differences among these websites, and from here, you can finalize and pick the one that fits your references.